Forensic & Litigation

In the development of its business activity, situations of conflict or irregularity may arise that threaten and undermine its continuity, or damage its image in the market, sometimes with irreparable effects.


For eXpert Witness Corporate Responsibilitygoes beyond the mere obligation to comply with regulations. Our aim is that the company benefits from both legal protection and an organized control system that increases its productivity and performance.

Restructuring & Corporate Transactions

In the current market context, it is more necessary than ever to create value. We are facing a constantly changing environment in which companies are looking for opportunities to buy, sell, finance,… or not least to give continuity to their business.

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Corporate risk management is a process carried out by an entity’s board of directors, management and staff, applied in the definition of strategy and throughout the enterprise, designed to identify potential events that may affect the organization and manage its risks within the accepted risk, provide reasonable assurance about the achievement of the objectives


He who seeks constant happiness and wisdom must accommodate frequent changes.

eXpert Witness Forensic & Litigationaims, in its modest criteria, to provide its clients and collaborators, as well as society, with useful information, criteria, support and perspective to face the day to day.

We are aware of how important it is to maintain a continuous training process for both the teams and the organization. We encourage consideration of the above.

We have the most updated and advanced forensic analysis technologies for the detection of irregularities and digital evidence that allows us to process large volumes of information.

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    eXpert Witness Forensic & Compliance is a boutique of Economic-Financial Experts in analysis and issuance of Expert Reports professionally assisting in procedures related to disputes before the occurrence of litigation, arbitration, negotiations or mediations, as well as in the field of Fraud Prevention and Investigation or in the implementation of Regulatory Compliance and Internal Control Programs.


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