Restructuring & Corporate Transactions

Restructuring & Corporate Transactions

In the current market context, it is more necessary than ever to create value. We are facing a constantly changing environment in which companies are looking for opportunities to buy, sell, finance,… or not least to give continuity to their business.

There are multiple business strategies, acquisitions, plans to divest, raise funds, seek alliances or even undertake a restructuring, plan and implement a strategic change.

eXpert Witness Forensic & Compliance advises in complex situations seeking to obtain the best result for its client by solving those limitations observed throughout the process.

  • Restructuring

Restoring the profitability of the business and restoring a crisis situation is a complex process that requires determining the causes of the crisis, as well as defining, planning, implementing and directing actions to solve them.

  • Financially, it is sometimes necessary to have the intervention of an expert who can manage the recovery of la estabilidad financiera, definir una nueva estructura de capital,which should be supported by:

1.Diagnostics and Feasibility Plans

2.Working Capital Management Protocols and Processes

3.Treasury crisis management protocols and processes

4.Debt Reorganization projects

  • From the operational point of view , it is sometimes necessary to achieve improvements and cost savings throughout the organization, as well as in the income statement, to bring profitability to the organization, measures based on:

1.Processes of revision of productive structures

2.Contract review projects, as well as contract renegotiations

3.Revision and updating of processes and/or reorganization of logistical aspects

4.Analysis of the supplier and product portfolio

In the context of preparing the company for its continuity in the long term, defining clear, measurable and traceable objectives requires certain initiatives on the part of top management that allow for an orderly transformation of the organization, based on an adequate analysis and assessment of the value chain, environment and competition; identification of the company’s capabilities and structure

  • Corporate transactions

Complete financial advice in the context of a corporate transaction (acquisitions, sales, integrations and restructurings)

1.Assistance in identifying and understanding relevant business areas, key aspects to review, as well as identifying value levers.

2.Assistance in generating and reviewing business plans and estimating fair value ranges, understanding historical financial performance and assessing current financial position (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, working capital and debt).

3.Identification of income and expense items of an exceptional or non-recurring nature for the estimation of a standardized income and expense account, as well as risks and weaknesses of a financial nature to assist in hedging them (price vs. contract).

4.Assistance in the calculation of price adjustment mechanisms and assistance in the negotiation thereof, as well as in the preparation of non-binding and binding offers, request for information lists and other relevant documents in the context of the transaction.

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