Forensic & Litigation

Forensic & Litigation

In the development of its business activity, situations of conflict or irregularity may arise that threaten and undermine its continuity, or damage its image in the market, sometimes with irreparable effects.

eXpert Witness Forensic & Compliance, thanks to the experience of the professionals who make up the company in areas such as forensic auditing, damage assessment and quantification, statistical and econometric modeling, regulatory compliance, process analysis, fraud controls and risks by industry, asset tracing and forensic systems analysis, provides assistance in services related to fraud, irregularities and commercial disputes that provide objective and independent arguments to support the parties involved and their legal representatives in litigation or alternative forums (arbitration, mediation,…) for dispute resolution.

Our work philosophy is based on providing high quality services, with the agility and the practical and multidisciplinary approach required by these situations and the current dynamics of business activity.

The rigor, confidentiality and independence in the provision of our services, as well as the clarity, soundness and professionalism of our reports, characterize our reports and actions.

In eXpert Witness Forensic & Compliance we have the most updated and advanced forensic analysis technologies for the detection of irregularities and digital evidence that allows us to process large volumes of information.

  • Expert Reports - independent expert
  • Fraud Investigation and Technology Fraud
  • Company valuation
  • Valuation of trademarks and royalties
  • Due Diligence
  • Análisis de Datos
  • Competition Anti-Trust and Competition Law
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    eXpert Witness Forensic & Compliance is a boutique of Economic-Financial Experts in analysis and issuance of Expert Reports professionally assisting in procedures related to disputes before the occurrence of litigation, arbitration, negotiations or mediations, as well as in the field of Fraud Prevention and Investigation or in the implementation of Regulatory Compliance and Internal Control Programs.


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