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In eXpert Witness Forensic & Compliance we are aware of how important it is to maintain a continuous training process for both the teams and the organization. We encourage consideration of the above.

This allows us to develop in an agile way in three fundamental aspects, (i) to constantly update ourselves in the face of new regulatory contexts, existing tools in the market,…; (ii) to carry out a concise exercise of these changes that will allow us to understand their scope, to specify them in a didactic way and to apply them in a precise and clear manner in the development of our project , as well as (iii) keep a finger on the pulse of the main doubts that the market maintains.

Our team has training, academic and university experience of recognized prestige. We are members of the MFIA certifications of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, members of MarketinGroup de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Among others we have actively participated/participated in:

  • The Master’s Degree in Financial Markets and Alternative Investments, offered by the Instituto BME, Centro de Formación de Bolsas y Mercados Españoles.
    Members of the MFIA Certification in the field of regulatory compliance in the financial sector.
  • Master´s degree of Auditoria de la Universidad de Sevilla. Module “Compliance and internal controls against fraud and irregularities”. Compliance and internal controls against fraud and irregularities”.
  • Master´s degree of Auditoria de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Module “Compliance and internal controls against fraud and irregularities”.
  • Postgraduate courses in the Universidad Carlos III Especialista en Cumplimiento Normativo de los Mercados Financieros”.
  • In training courses related to the accounting of crypto-assets together or internal control and prevention of money laundering together with the Instituto de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de España.

We participate in certain circuits of presentations to government agencies, financial institutions or other entities in the sector:

  • “Productos minoristas estructurados: buenas prácticas para los acuerdos de gobernanza de los productos”
  • “Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing prevention compliance programme”

We also periodically issue publications on subjects related to our day-to-day field work in an attempt to contribute our point of view to the market.

  • European Manual of Financial Investigation, Jefatura de Policía de la Guardia Civil co-author.
  • Compliance in the financial sector, manual related to BME’s MFIA Certification recognized by the CNMV.
  • Publication of articles in the press “¿Cómo detectar el fraude financiero?”, Cinco Días; “Los bancos han aumentado un 60% su inversión contra el blanqueo de capitales en los últimos 3 años”, Europa Press; “Mortgage Fraud. Two types of deception of borrowing institutions”, El País;….

We conduct training sessions in accordance with the different risk management and training compliance frameworks. Expert Witness has experienced professionals with the corresponding accreditation to conduct training sessions in the following areas:

  • COSO / ERM
  • ISO 31000 (Risk Management)
  • ISO 22301 (Business Continuity)
  • Compliance Corporativo (Art.31 Bis Penal Code)
  • Financial Compliance
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    eXpert Witness Forensic & Compliance is a boutique of Economic-Financial Experts in analysis and issuance of Expert Reports professionally assisting in procedures related to disputes before the occurrence of litigation, arbitration, negotiations or mediations, as well as in the field of Fraud Prevention and Investigation or in the implementation of Regulatory Compliance and Internal Control Programs.


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